Acceptable Forms of Documentation

URP Management, LLC
List of Acceptable Forms of Documentation

Identification Documents

  • Social Security Card or Individual Tax Identification Number 
 Photo Identification Documents
  •  Driver’s License                                       Re-entry Permit
  • Passports                                                 Non-Immigrant Visas
  • Alien Registration Receipt Card              Temporary Resident Card
  • Resident Alien Card                                Permanent Resident Card
  • Employment Authorization card
Income Documentation

For Hourly or Salaried Employees

  • 2 most recent pay stubs
  • Notarized letter of employment on company letterhead
  • 2 years Income Tax Records (Federal form 1040)
  • A notarized letter from Accountant to verify annual income
  • 12 months banking statements reflecting an average monthly balance equal to three times the monthly rental payment
  • Copy of Business License to verify self-employment only (Not income)
  • Federal Schedule C (Profit & Loss Statement for business)
  • 6 months banking statements reflecting deposits from Pension Fund and/or Social Security equal to three times the monthly rental payment.
  • *3 months banking statement reflecting an average balance equal to term of lease at 3 times the monthly rental payment.
  • Copy of letter from Social Security Administration Office documenting the monthly amount to receive. (Must equal 3 times the monthly rental payment.)
 Child Support
  • Copy of divorce decree stating how much child support is to be received
  • Copy of 6 months banking statements reflecting deposits into account
 Government Assistance
  • Copy of authorized letter from government agency indicating the amount to receive.
Trust Fund/Pension Fund
  • Copy of bank statements reflecting income received on a monthly basis.
  • Letter from attorney/accountant/trustee handling account indicating the monthly amount received.
  • Student loans can be considered as a source of income
  • Dorm housing can be considered as a source of rental history
  • Typically, all students would need a qualified cosigner and an 1-2 months additional deposit
Revised 4/21/21